Industry 4.0 A revolution on the factory floor

22 May 2018

Industry 4.0: A revolution on the factory floor

The South African Automotive Benchmarking Club will be visiting the  Atlantis Foundries. The automotive industry is placing increasing emphasis on the role of technology in improving production performance. To this end, the SAABC and The Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster will be aligning to take member firms on a tour of Atlantis Foundries, a firm that has taken an early lead in the use of technology in the manufacturing environment. Supplying the automotive industry with more than 160 000 engine blocks per year, their recent ‘smart foundry’ experience serves as a great example for other manufacturers wanting to exploit data analytics to enhance performance. 

The programme will include:


During the factory tours, all attendees are required to wear safety shoes


All attendees must dress appropriately for the tours (i.e. no short pants, dresses or skirts, or loose-fitting clothing)


Host firms have the right to refuse any firm and/or individual from participating in the factory tours

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