Industry 4.0 : Round Two

09 October 2018


The second round of the SAABC’s Port Elizabeth based Industry 4.0 focused study tours was scheduled for 09 October. The SAABC’s peer review mechanism is an outcomes-based format for participants to uncover both the relatively simpler applications that can quickly boost competitiveness and highlight the more foundational challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0. The extent of Industry 4.0 adoption in SA manufacturing is generally low but pockets of best practice do exist. The workshops, which are underway nationally, are structured to equip participants with a theoretical base on Industry 4.0 and, through the factory visit and discussion, participants were challenged to consider practical implementation opportunities of Industry 4.0.

The programme included:


Overview of future of manufacturing disruptors & relevant case studies


Technical overview of Industry 4.0 tool


Lumotech presentation on tech innovations implemented

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