PHASE 2: COVID-19 Compliance Officers and key considerations from the President’s speech

27 & 28 May 2020

Our phase 2 programme is in its second week with us focusing our attention to that of the vital role of compliance officers and the latest critical areas of consideration from the President’s Speech as we move to Level 3.

Compliance officers have undertaken the mammoth task of overseeing the implementation of the Workplace Plan and adherence to the standards of hygiene and health protocols relating to COVID-19 at the workplace. We will be looking at their responsibilities and how they can ensure that regulations are adhered to and monitored effectively.

In our weekly discussions, we delved deeper into the following discussion points.

The responsibilities of compliance officers in terms of:

  • regulations being adhered to, 
  • social distancing in the workplace
  • how regulations are being implemented 
  • how regulations are monitored 
  • how firms will deal with any employees testing positive for COVID-19
  • the rollout plan should someone contract the virus.

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