SAABC visit to Naicker’s Toolmakers

17 October 2019

The South African Automotive Benchmarking Club (SAABC) hosted a study tour at Naicker’s Toolmakers in Boksburg, on 17 October 2019. Aligned with pillar 6 of the South African Automotive Masterplan that addresses technology and associated skills development, our study-tour hosts are firms that are investing for the future, are advancing their skill sets and are seeking innovative ways to maintain competitiveness.

Why Join us?

The SAABC study tour programme creates a platform for participants to gain practical insights to address a continually changing operating environment. Through the programme, participants were challenged and inspired to reflect on their own internal programmes that drive continuous improvement, competitiveness and growth.

A future-focused industry expert also contributed to this topic.

About Naicker’s Toolmakers

Naicker’s Toolmakers based in Boksburg, South Africa, specialises in metal pressing and tool, jig and die making as well as fabrication and general machining in the metal, mining, automotive and lighting industries.

The programme included:


Host firm presentation


Thought leader/academic presentation


Firm tour

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